Every Briskly Deal is valid from the time its viewed until the expiration time indicated on the offer, unless all available quantities are sold out. The only way to insure the offer is available during the time window of the offer is to select to Grab Deal. If the offer is On Hold, the time to redeem the offer (Timer) will be activated and display the time remaining to reach the business offer location. The Timer will be set based on the distance to the business offer location and the location in which the offer was On Hold. The Redeem option will be available upon arrival of the business offer location. Redeeming the offer must be completed before the time expiration. The offer will no longer be valid after the offer timer expires.
The Briskly Deal is valid only for the specific item or service indicated in the title and description. It is not valid for any other products or services
Only one Briskly Deal per customer prior to redeeming the offer. Each offer has a specified quantity limit per customer. Customers can On Hold at maximum the quantity limit indicated in the offer.
May not be used in combination with any other coupons or promotions.
Quantities are limited. Every Briskly Deal will indicate the maximum quantity available at the offer price.
Each Briskly Deal has a unique QR Code associated with it that may not be duplicated or copied. Once redeemed and scanned by the business, the associated QR Code will no longer be valid
Mobile displayed offers only will be accepted, and must be presented from the Briskly Mobile App with the QR Code associated with that offer displayed to be scanned by the business upon redemption. Once the customer has reached the business, the Redeem option will be visible. Once selected the QR code will be available to be scanned by the business and realize the savings.
No cash value.
No additional fees or costs if the Briskly Deal is Redeemed at the business offer location. Any additional items or services not associated with the Briskly Deal will need to be paid separately.
Sales tax in not included in the Briskly Deal price.
  • This App, Briskly and Briskly Biz are a platform for businesses to flash offers to customers, and for customers to view and possibly act on these offers. All content of the offers is the sole responsibility of the businesses which posted them. Briskly assumes no liability for any business or customer contents. In no event shall Briskly be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of the App.
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